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Model Software seeks out clients who are leaders in their industries, people who understand that off-the-shelf software packages do not provide competitive advantage because it is something that their competitors can also implement. MSC helps these leaders put distance between their organizations and their competition and drive higher profits and lower costs, both for themselves and their customers.

Custom Software

Model Software Corporation provides custom software and software consulting throughout the U.S. We can assess your computing needs and develop the application that's right for you. In other words, we can build your software product from scratch. It's what we do.

Web Technology

We're experts with the web. Whether it's e-commerce, supply chain management, logistics, or new media, we've got the knowledge that it takes to wrap our brains around your project. We understand the whole process, from getting things to look right in browsers to powering sites with SQL databases. If you'd like some help with your current project, drop us a line.

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Planning & Scheduling

A core technology of Model Software Corporation is model-based software and constraint logic, which is less expensive to implement and maintain, and much more reliable than rule-based designs. The main project coming from this has been the Jalis AST

Model Based Diagnosis

Diagnosing failures in complicated systems can be done with great efficiency and reliability using model based diagnosis. We are currently looking for beta partners for a pilot project. If an analytic tool providing more timely and accurate diagnoses of realtime failures would be valuable to you, please contact us.

Project Management Skills

Model Software has staff certified by the Project Management Institute as Project Management Professionals (PMP). On our projects, we follow the guidelines of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). But, there is much more to project management than is contained in the PMBOK. Experience brings prudence and judgment on the application of the guidelines through the software development life cycle. Software development is recognized as one of the most challenging applications of the PMBOK. At Model Software, we add the crucial element of experience to software development.

Technical Skills